Ceramix launch their web site www.ceramix.co.za


French Bulldog by Megan Wallace

Starting Ceramix has been a huge milestone in my life. The emotional transition from selling unfinished product to finished ware has been a giant leap. I have a new spring in my step as I am enjoying every minute of establishing the Ceramix brand.



On May 1 2014 I presented my first collections and have been building on this foundation ever since. The most challenging and exciting aspect of the Ceramix Range is deciding on what I actually want my range to look like. If you visit my Pinterest boards at www.pinterest.com/ceramixcoza you will notice how many styles there are out there. The most important thing for me is to set myself apart so that I have differentiated myself internationally. All creatives have to draw inspiration from somewhere but it is how you utilize this inspiration that is important. If you want to succeed you have to have your very own style which must be within the scope of current market trends.  I have always been a creator and an innovator. I love the current trend of mixing old ideas with new.  For me the old is the terracotta clay and the embellishments and the new is the white glaze and simple shapes of the functional ware.  Terracotta clay with white glaze is very difficult to work with but I love the texture and contrast between the clay and glaze.


A 189 and growing range is rather large but every time I sit down surrounded by the pieces to do the attaching I think of so many more variations on a theme.  One of the big problems with my collections was my inability to be consistent.  I kept on adding different additions to different functional pieces resulting in over a thousand different pieces. It is strange how a silly little thing like that can put a spanner in the works. My range is now set in stone in my catalogue and price list which makes my life so much simpler. Focus and a passion for what I am doing have resulted in a range with a little bit of the unusual and a lot of the unexpected.

Please let me know what you think about the Ceramix range

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