Social Media August 10, 2015 08:53

Hello. Thank you for deciding to read my Blog. Social media can be so much fun and yet it is scary at the same time.

I have sat down and started writing many different blog posts over the last couple of months but have never completed any of them. I probably will not get things right straight away but with your help and comments I know you will lead me in the right direction.

Anyone who has started a new business will understand how overwhelming Social Media can be. Not only are there all the different social outlets but somewhere one has to find the time to actually work and run your business. I think that most of us creatives would like to spend all our time making beautiful things but then there is the problem of how on earth are we going to sell them.

I post on Twitter, Flickr, Tumblr, Pinterest and Facebook. I find social media quite overwhelming and am trying to learn everything as quickly as possible. I love chatting to all my Facebook followers as these wonderful people make me feel so inspired and give me so much positive feedback. I am obsessed with posting images of all the things I love on Pinterest. There are so many beautiful things out there to look at and get inspiration from. I need to spend more time on the other social channels.

I follow about one hundred different blogs and this in itself is a full time job. I find the blog world fascinating. What I have noticed with blogs is that one really does need to create their own content rather than sharing images from other blogs as many of the same images keep going around and around. Why on earth would anyone want to read my blog if they can get the same content elsewhere. This is where I hit my biggest stumbling block to date. After having finally got a full range of photographs done for my web site and catalogue I do not have any styled photographs for my blog. The only reason I have managed to get all the beautiful photographs for my web site is that my very talented friend Megan Wallace gave up months of her time and took about four thousand photographs. I have to overcome my fear of taking photographs as photography has never been my forte.

Hopefully in the not too distant future I will start to post some beautifully styled photographs of the Ceramix range. I am not quite sure how this will happen but one of my favourite sayings is that “Rome was not built in a day”. Everything happens in its own time.

Constructive criticism is always greatly appreciated. I know I am probably opening myself up to many questions that might be difficult to answer but I am excited about the prospect. Getting feedback is always so important in a business.

What social media do you participate in? Which Blogs do you follow?