Packaging and Shipping the Ceramix way. Free Shipping + No Risk = Happy Customers. November 02, 2015 07:30 4 Comments

Ceramix offers a 100% guarantee that your item will arrive safely. You will not have a problem with regards to breakages.  If it does arrive broken we will replace the same item free of charge including the shipping.

You might ask why we feel so confident that we are prepared to offer this guarantee. We have spent an enormous amount of time researching the best way to pack your precious cargo. Every order is double boxed so that there is an additional layer of packaging for safety.

This is how we packed two mugs that were shipped to Cape Town and then onto the UK.

Two Cat Mugs

Each mug was wrapped in tissue paper. Items with larger additions have bubble pack wrapped around them before the tissue paper.

Tissue paper

Paper is then wrapped around the pieces.


The items are then placed in a box and sealed. More paper is added if the item can move. Items travel more safely if tightly packed.

Small Box

The box is then wrapped in bubble pack for an additional layer of safety and then placed in a larger box and sealed.

Larger Box

Neon FRAGILE stickers are then applied to the box so that there is no doubt that this is Fragile cargo.

Fragile Stickers

The carton is then sealed and Dawn Wing is notified to collect. Dawn Wing offer a door to door delivery service.

Dawn Wing.

The friendly staff from Dawn Wing then collect and get your package to you within 3 to 5 working days. Should you require an overnight service please contact us before placing your order on the web site.

Should you wish to collect your order directly from us please e-mail us on

I hope this answers many of your shipping questions. Should you require additional information please feel free to contact us.