Valentine's Day February 08, 2016 00:51

"Do good deeds in a funny way. The world needs to laugh or at least smile more than it does." -Rose O’Neill

What a lot of Kewpies by Ceramix

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. This got me thinking about the meaning of Valentine’s Day. I like to think of it as a day where one declares or reinforces ones love for a very special person in ones life by giving a gift or card. It is a wildly romantic time. 

Kewpie Valentine by Rose O'Neill

The Ceramix Collection for Valentine’s Day 2016 is the Kewpie Doll.

I have been glazing up a storm so more Kewpies are going to be added to the web site today and Wednesday.

Kewpie Heart Boxes

Rose O’Neill the creator of the Kewpie was an artist, illustrator, writer and sculptor. I have always loved the Kewpie Doll which is why it features so strongly in the Ceramix range.  The two large Kewpies on bases are purely ornamental.  Our adorable range of little Kewpies have been added to various functional items such as boxes, plates and bowls to add a little bit of whimsy and a lot of the unexpected to a very dear character.

Large Ceramic Kewpie Heart Bowl by Ceramix

I found a wonderful article about Rose O’Neill the creator of the Kewpie written by Gala Morrow 

Sometime during the night they had entered her room as she slept and had awakened her by bouncing on her feathery pillow. Now she watched them in amazement as they danced around the bedroom, performing amazing acrobatics and hilarious stunts. She still was not certain who (or what) they were. These tiny babies with sprouting blue wings just above the shoulders were sent, it seemed, just for her amusement. They had the thinnest wisps of hair that stood straight out--like that of a baby who had been sleeping for some time. Their tiny starfish hands reached out teasing and amusing her. Being so plump with their protruding tummies they looked like mischievous children running and hopping and falling down. Their eyes were big laughing ones, making her love them and long to hold them. As if he knew her wishes, one of these irresistible children jumped onto her hand and looked lovingly into her own large eyes. This surprised her and she simply stared at the little creature for several minutes. Then she discovered something that was even more astonishing--when the baby sat down in her hand, she found that he had a cold bottom. These weren't real babies or they would be warm all over--these were some kind of fairy or elf. As she again watched them playing and frolicking on her bed and about the room, she knew what they were. They were Kewpies.

Large Kewpie Heart Box by Ceramix

There is also a Rose O’Neill Foundation  and Web site

Ceramic Kewpie on Round Base by Ceramix


 I found this vintage Kewpie on

Vintage Kewpie by Rose O'Neill

Ceramix Photographs by

Cake Plate Sleeping Kewpie by Ceramix

I long for the life of simple pleasures and the innocence of youth reflected in the Kewpie Doll. How about you?

Kewpie illustration by Rose O'Neill.