Are you having Zombie Skull Heads at your next braai?

Braai ceramic Fire Innovation Unglazed Ceramic Zombie Skull Head

Celebrate Halloween early with your Zombie Skull Heads.


Yes you did read correctly. Are you asking yourself “what are Zombie Skull Heads”? They are high fired unglazed ceramic that you can put into your braai, bonfire or fireplace.

Can you imagine the shock your friends will have when your Zombie Skull Head leers out at them from the coals? Celebrate Halloween early and show off your Zombie Skull Head. You can even host a horror movie night. Are you having the chills just thinking about it?

Why are they called Zombie Skull Heads and not simply skulls? Your Zombie Skull Head is a fictional human skull. Oh, how titillating and gruesome! Zombies conjure up images of corpses who come back to life, the undead, and even worse, scary human-flesh eating monsters.  They will spice up your Halloween event or are a great conversation topic.

I have three Skull Heads looking at me from my shelf for a while now and am thinking about what colours to glaze them when my friend Megan Wallace invites my son Phillip and I around for dinner and a bon fire. Have you ever heard of the pottery method called Raku? I am wondering how my clay will cope with the rapid changes in temperature associated with the Raku method.  So just for fun I take the Skull Heads with and put them in the bon fire.  

I am so fortunate that Megan takes wonderful photographs so I am able to share our amazing experience with you. The three skull heads are placed on top of the logs and coal & then the fire is started. The Zombie Skull Heads survive their fiery adventure with no misfortune.  A bit of blackened soot to brush off the next morning when they have completely cooled, and they are ready for their next bonfire.

It then dawns on me that if we had so much fun with our Zombie Skull Heads then you will too.

As with all ceramics that are fired there is always a chance that the items will break due to a rapid change in temperature. Bearing this in mind it is best to place your Skull Head in the fire before it is started and to remove it when the fire has completely cooled down. The head will not explode in the fire as there are holes in the head allowing air to pass through the cavities freely. Your Zombie Skull Head will survive many braais as long as the correct care is taken.

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To read more about the raku pottery method visit here and here 

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