Are you making Watermelon Salad for Valentines Day?

Braai ceramic ceramix Heart Bowl Salad ValentinesDay

You are probably wondering "Why Watermelon Salad"? Well then you can use your big heart bowl! Not only is the salad the most delicious one you will ever taste. It is healthy too. I Love Valentine's Day as I am a true Romantic. Are You?

How to make a Watermelon Salad in the Large Ceramix Heart Bowl this Valentines Day

I am so fortunate that the Coffee Shop has opened @118Allan as I am realizing one of my big dreams. I can now show my Ceramix ware in use. I have spent the past 4 years pinning beautiful food images on Pinterest. I now want to develop a style of my own and share my recipes. Louise Hugo Allen takes the photographs as I must admit to being a complete failure at photography. 

Another offshoot of the Coffee Shop is that I have met so many of the community and get all the fresh produce from them. The GlenFresh Produce Market is @ 118 Allan every Saturday from 8 to 12.30. Things are coming together so fast I am sure I must be in a dream.

I could not understand why whenever I ordered lettuce they would bring me a bag of an assortment of lettuce leaves. Well it turns out that they pick the leaves from the outside as they are ready. So no more whole lettuces with a worm half way through.

Watermelon Salad by Ceramix





Cherry Tomatoes

Red Onion



Edible Flowers


Balsamic Vinegar


Break your lettuce leaves up and place them in the base of your bowl. Never cut them.

Slice your cucumber lengthwise with your potato peeler. Place your cucumber slices on their sides so they do not lie in a flat heap on top of your lettuce.

Take some Watermelon & cut it in cubes and remove all the seeds. Google "How to cut a watermelon into cubes" and you will be astounded as to how many methods there are.

Cut your Cherry Tomatoes in half and slice your Red Onion finely and place them in the bowl. Then add your feta, parsley and chives.

If you do not have edible flowers or do not like them your salad will still look beautiful.

Watermelon Salad in the Large Ceramix Heart Bowl


The final touch is to add the edible flowers.

Serve with Balsamic Vinegar.

I bet you cannot wait for Valentines Day so that you can make your Watermelon Salad. Actually "Why Wait"! You can get your Heart Bowl here. If you are looking for a smaller bowl look here.


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