Buy Any 3 Ceramic Bunnies From Ceramix And Get The Cheapest One Free.

bunny ceramic ceramix Easter Glazed by Hand Louise Hugo Allen Photography

One, two, free!

Buy any 3 ceramic Bunnies from Ceramix and get the cheapest one free.

Oe, Two, Free! Buy 3 Ceramix Bunny products and get the cheapest on free.


Things have been a bit depressing in South Africa recently with load-shedding and failing public services, to electoral dramas and so many other unsavoury happenings. What have you been doing to lift your spirits?

I am the proverbial ostrich that buries its head in the ground and pretends that everything is a garden of roses. The only way I can cope with the turmoil that is going on around me is to make my Ceramix ware. I consider the hard physical labour of dipping the white items in a vat of glaze my daily exercise. I do my thinking in complete silence (except for the geese that talk to me all day at the window) as I paint three coats of glaze onto each coloured item by hand. I certainly do not make things easy for myself but I love the different finish that the hand glazing gives which sets it apart from anything that is mass-produced.

As Easter is just around the corner and I have made lots of bunnies I thought that you might like to get a little something extra to cheer you up?

This offer runs from March 25 to April 14, 2019.

    • The Ceramix Bunny Collection is on offer in this Easter Promotion.
    • Order 3 Ceramix Bunny Products to get one free.
    • The product with the lowest price will qualify for the promotional discount.
    • If the sale contains more than one multiple of three, the discount will apply as many times as qualified.
    • In cases where more than one product qualifies for a discount, the next lowest price will qualify.
    • No exchanges for cash, credit or Gift vouchers as this is a once-off offer.
    • Should you wish to exchange your bunny for a different one this will incur two courier fees.
    • This promotion runs from March 25 to April 14, 2019.
    • Hurry and place your order as there is no time to make more bunnies before Easter.
    • We will ship your order with The Courier Guy within 24 hours on weekdays.

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