Dining Etiquette July 04, 2016 07:30

Do you love Pinterest?  Well do not feel alone. There are millions of us “pinaholics” out there. What a source of inspiration with so many pins and so little time.

Helen du Plessis styled and photographed the latest Ceramix tablescape of the Frog Collection so beautifully. I thank my lucky stars everyday that I managed to find such a talented lady with the most amazing eye for detail. She also has a unique style of her own and does not feel the need to duplicate what others are doing. It is so refreshing.
Frog Square Plate tablescape by Ceramix

I would also like to thank Iluba for the lovely roses which added the finishing touch.

Ceramix Frog Tablescape

Looking at the images got me thinking about how much table settings have changed over the years.  I thought it would be fun to show you a few of my favourite table settings that I found on Pinterest and then I have added some traditional formal table settings at the end.


Source: 100layercake.com

My feeling is that it is important to know what is correct so that one can do the right things if they are required but otherwise throw the traditional way of doing things out of the window & just have fun.


Source: 79ideas.org

It is interesting to see what a wide variety of formal settings there are.  I was brought up on a farm in Kadoma in Zimbabwe and our Sunday lunch table was always laid out with a fork, two knives, a desert spoon and desert fork with an accompanying side plate and linen napkin. I must admit that the one thing I have held onto is the linen napkins I do not use paper ones.


Source: modwedding.com


Source: modwedding.com


Source: snippetandink.com


Source: domino.com

Source: snippetandink.com

Source: snippetandink.com

Source: visual.ly

Source: visual.ly

Source: en.wikipedia.org

Source: en.wikipedia.org

When I need image based information Pinterest is always my first point of call. Finding the source of the images is often a great headache. I have attempted to attribute each borrowed image to the original source but if I have made an error please let me know and I will rectify it.

I have so enjoyed doing this post as it has inspired me to think of so many new and innovative ways to lay out my next table setting. I hope I have inspired you. Let me know what you would do differently.