Do you continuously drive yourself forward?

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Handmade Terracotta Plates by Ceramix Pottery in South Africa

Do you ever wonder why you continuously drive yourself forward so that you can move a little closer to where you want to be? I have been pushing myself really hard over the last few months mixing glazes and painting up ornaments with no real direction in mind. I always do this and suddenly something happens and I know exactly what I should be doing. While I was working I spotted a bottle of high fire glaze which had rolled off the shelf and onto the floor. I have always wanted to push the limits of my clay but have been really afraid and uncertain as to how. This has got me thinking that if you are passionate about what you are doing and if you keep a positive outlook and never waver, you will succeed, but it might not be in the direction you initially intended. Yes the Ceramix Brand was only going to be white glazed Terracotta ware. Now I do not seem to be able to stop myself from moving forward and will be adding a new look as well as continuing with my existing ranges.

Terracotta Plates handmade at the Ceramix Pottery from African Clay in South Africa

I stumbled upon a Facebook post by Robyn Gordon the other day which actually made me understand myself better. I just cannot imagine my life without making ceramics.  ‘Artists are driven to do what they do no matter what. It’s a very powerful ambition and they pursue it in whatever way works best for them"– Carter E. Foster, Curator, Whitney Museum of American Art 

I will never describe myself as an artist. I am a creative whose main form of expression is ceramics which I have been doing for over 30 years. At the moment I just love playing with glaze.

Unique Plates hand painted in South Africa at the Ceramix Pottery from African Clay.

Four years ago when Ceramix opened its doors the range was entirely white dipped glaze on Terracotta clay. In 2016 I started brushing various glaze colours onto ornaments. In the last couple of months I have added more glaze colours. I have also started cutting out the clay and using speciality multi coloured glazes on my Yarn Bowls.  What I have found is that I just love brushing that glaze on and cannot wait to see what will come out of the kiln next.

I am now going to be making large platters in Terracotta Clay and brushing on high fire glazes and am wondering what you think of the first test colours.

Let me know!

Earthy handmade high fired Terracotta plates by Ceramix in South Africa.



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