Do you have big dreams?

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Ceramix Parrot Vases @ 118 Allan Gallery & Coffee shop

It is so important to have a dream as it gives you something to look forward to. Are you thinking of what you would like to be doing and where you are going to be in the future? It is sometimes hard to focus on better days when you are struggling financially or when plans are not coming together.

Large Parrot Vase by Ceramix

It is so easy to get frustrated and give up halfway through and then start chasing a new dream. I can quite understand this as it is difficult to remain focused on the goal ahead.

Ceramix Christmas Angels, Snowmen & Iguana @118Allan

This is my story with some thoughts for you at the end of my post.

Ceramix Angels & Bunnies @118Allan

I have always been a big dreamer. I am completely single minded when it comes to achieving my goal even if that goal is seemingly impossible. What I have learnt is that getting to one’s final destination often takes many unexpected twists and turns. I tell my son regularly that he must not try and plan too far ahead as if one is too rigid in one's thinking one can often get bogged down. You need to be completely flexible but never lose sight of that end goal.

Frog Ceramic by Ceramix

For 3 years I have had my nose to the grindstone perfecting the Ceramix process and dreaming of a beautiful space to sell my ware.

Ceramix Ceramic ware @118Allan

2 years ago I registered a Facebook page called 118 Allan. A plan was formulating in my mind but I had no idea how I was going to get there. I packed up my craft shop in the front of my home and moved it to another cottage on my property. I have had a craft business for 29 years which I will continue to run and reinvent. This space has been empty for a whole year. I simply have not had the financial resources to do the renovations required.

Bunnies in white,pink,green,blue & lemon & rabbit plates, platters & bowls by Ceramix

The cabinet maker has been waiting to come in and do the shelving but the time has not been right to set up the gallery.

Large Cardinal Vase by Ceramix

In November 2016 Roelof Hugo my ex-husband bought a Coffee Shop outside of Somerset West. A couple of months ago he decided that although this has always been his dream he missed our son too much. For the past 14 years Saturdays have always been a Phillip and Dad day. So he packed his coffee shop up and brought it to Johannesburg.

118 Allan Coffee sho

Overnight my dream of having a gallery for Ceramix @ 118 Allan has come true. Not only do I now have a gallery there is also a coffee shop. Roelof set about transforming the garden and other renovations. Camilla his fiancée has poly filled, grouted and painted herself to a standstill. Roelof’s sister Louise is running the coffee shop and as an added bonus for me she is also taking the beautiful photographs.

Entrance to the 118 Allan Coffee Shop

I keep on thinking how lucky I am that the cabinet maker did not make all those units as everything could not have fallen into place as easily.

Vintage Brass Plated Watering Can @118 Allan

The story shows that it is only because I am patient and that I never give up that my dream has become a reality. I have my gallery and as the years unfold I will fulfil many more dreams as one always has to have another goal to work towards.

Homemade honey jams & preserves. Metallic ceramic ornaments by Ceramix

I hope my story persuades you to believe in yourself, be patient and work really hard at fulfilling your dreams as nothing worthwhile doing comes easily. “Keep on keeping on” as dreams do become a reality.  

118 Allan garden

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  • Margaret Melville Hugo on

    I have only just discovered where to find the comments section on my blog.
    Thank you so much Nadine & Tracey-Lee for your words of encouragement. You do not know what a difference this makes to me.

  • Nadine Vanoost on

    Wow, what a beautiful story of love for your son Philip. And a beautiful collaboration between his parents. Your space is amazing. The set up looks fantastic. The photos are just perfect. I wish a successful future for your gallery and coffee shop. I’m sure your son will be inspired in his future too. When I come to Joburg, I’m coming to check this out!

  • Tracey - Lee van Jaarsveld on

    What an awesome story of how you took that first step and patiently persevered. Congratulations! I would love to be as brave ?

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