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Do you get up in the morning and wonder how beautiful is my garden going to look today? Being as one with nature is such an important part of our lives. 

Mathijs Brak from Zuiderland Tree Nursery who is at the Glen Fresh Market every Saturday from 8.00 to 12.30

Mathijs Brak from Zuiderland Boomkwekery/Tree Nursery has a stall at The Glen Fresh Market @118Allan. Oh how wonderful it is to have a resident plant expert. Mathijs is so knowledgeable about everything he grows and is more than happy to share this information with anyone who asks. If he does not have what you need he will get it for you at an unbelievably good price. 

Dear Reader letter from Mathijs Brak

Dear Reader

Hebe "Amy" from Zuiderland Tree Nursery

Little did I know at the age of eight when I planted my first tree seeds that one day it would be my business.

Albuca "Slime Lily"

My love for plants, trees and flowers has intensified over the years as I continue to learn so many new things about them.

Rudbeckia "Irish Eyes"

Zuiderland Nursery with its many facets is my passion and obsession.

Aloe "Peri-Peri"

The Glen Fresh Market allows me to add colour to people’s lives with my wide variety of plants.

Syncolostemon Densiflorus "Pink plume" available from Mathijs Brak of Zuiderland Tree Nursery at the Glen Fresh Market in Midrand South Africa

It gives me great pleasure in that they are able to do so without it costing them an arm and a leg.

Pink Hydrangea or Christmas Rose from Zuiderland Tree Nursery


Zuiderland Nursery is a wholesale nursery established over 20 years ago.

White Hydrangea or Christmas Rose from Zuiderland Tree Nursery

I offer fruit trees, ornamentals, and a wide variety of beautiful South African flora at prices that will make you come back over and over again.

Rose "Red Cascade" from Mathijs Brak of Zuiderland Tree Nursery

Contact me if you are looking for a specific plant and if I do not have it I will source it for you.

Rudbeckia "Irish Eyes" available from Mathijs Brak of Zuiderland Tree Nursery at the Glen Fresh Market Midrand

I love being part of the Glen Fresh Market community. We all have the same ideal of producing and  distributing natural and homemade products directly to the public.

Zuiderland Tree Nursery at the Glen Fresh Market

The stallholders in our community are a down to earth group of caring people. We look out for each other and celebrate both good and bad market days as it is the fact that we are together that is important. We are united in our quest to improve and overcome the obstacles associated with establishing our market.

Orange & Purple Flowers from Zuiderland Tree Nursery

I love being at the market every Saturday. Not only do I get to share my knowledge with people who love plants I also get to see my friends.

Plants from the Zuiderland Tree Nursery at the Glen Fresh Market

I am looking forward to meeting you! …….Soon I hope!

Flowers & Trees from Zuiderland Tree Nursery



Rosa "Red Cascade" from Zuiderland Tree Nursery


Up until recently I have not had a garden. I have certainly tried! Several years ago I spent a fortune planting lots of flowers. Well a beautiful garden was not the result as my geese gobbled up everything in sight. With the advent of the Gallery and Coffee Shop @118Allan came a fence! Now I can have my precious geese in the backyard and a beautiful garden in the front. The garden is slowly taking shape thanks to Roelof Hugo who is the mastermind behind it all. He has put in so many hours overseeing the progress for which I am truly grateful. To my great surprise there are some beautiful flowers at the moment even though it is autumn. I cannot wait for summer when everything is in full bloom.

Visit the Glen Fresh Market @118 Allan which is held every Saturday morning from 8.00 to 12.30 to purchase all your plants and fresh produce. You can also have a bite to eat as there are a wide range of food vendors for you to select from with the most delicious food.


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