Frogs, Frogs and more Frogs.

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I can hear the frogs croaking in the pond at the bottom of my garden and wonder what they would think if they could see their fellow frogs on plates, platters and vases.

Ceramix Frog Tablescape

Wow this tablescape is magnificent. A year ago I would never have even dreamt of being able to present the Ceramix brand so beautifully.

Ceramic Frog Plates, Platters & Bowls by Ceramix


I am constantly making new pieces and adding them to the Ceramix Collections already available on the web site. Of course if you have new products they also need to be photographed and this is where Helen du Plessis of Helen du Plessis Lifestyle Photography plays such an important role in the presentation of the Ceramix brand. Helen is a multi-talented lady and I will be telling you more about her in another blog.

Ceramic Frogs by Ceramix

Helen decided that we needed to do a stylized shoot of a tablescape.  I always love to try new things so I readily agreed.
Terracotta Ceramic Frog Ware by Ceramix


As I had just finished adding new pieces to the Frog functional range we decided that the frogs which are such a fun quirky range would be perfect to start off with.  Helen borrowed the dining room suite from her grandmother Helene especially for the shoot. I love the Retro look and the green and yellow upholstery on the chairs is just fabulous. We are also very lucky that Helen has such a beautiful garden.


Ceramic Frog Plate & Little Oval Bowl by Ceramix

Of course no table is complete without beautiful flowers and foliage which were very kindly given to us by Iluba. They have formulated a revolutionary new method of preserving flowers so they are beautiful and fresh for a minimum of six months and their foliage lasts for a great deal longer. Oh and one must not forget to mention the wonderful scent of their roses which permeates any room. I will give you more insight into Iluba and their products in a blog that will follow shortly.


Large Oval Frog Bowl by Ceramix

I provided the Ceramix range, the flowers came from Iluba and Helen du Plessis supplied the photographs and all the other décor accessories for which I am truly grateful.

Ceramic Frog Plates by Ceramix

Starting a new business has been the most inspirational thing I have done in years.

Ceramic Frog Plate & Bowl by Ceramix

I cannot wait to get up in the morning and I work until I cannot stay awake any more. This might sound peculiar to some people but I have a vision that is growing in new directions every day.

Ceramic Frog Tablescape by Ceramix

I have been asked why on earth I would offer so many different shaped pieces around a central theme like the Frogs. Well it is quite simple I do not want to mass produce a 30 piece range it is so much more fun making lots of different pieces. I am a creative and without constant change I would get bored.

Ceramix Frog Oval Platter

Fortunately I have so many ideas and things in the pipeline that I do not sit still for long enough to get bored. When I look at these beautiful images I cannot help but to think how far I have progressed in just two short years.

Ceramic Frog Round Plate & Oval Frog Bowl by Ceramix

Each piece passes through my hands many times and I love what I do.

Little Frog by Ceramix

I think Helen did a beautiful job of setting up and photographing this simple and stylish tablescape.

Ceramic Frogs by Ceramix

Let us know how you would use your Ceramix pieces.

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  • Margaret Melville Hugo on

    Thank you so much Megan Wallace. The roses are exquisite I am so glad you made particular reference to them. I thought the Iluba flowers were a particularly beautiful touch to the frog range. Of course one must not forget to mention the importance of the amazing photographer Helen du Plessis who makes everything come to life.

  • Margaret Melville Hugo on

    Hello Gertina
    Thank you for the lovely comments. I am so new at this whole blogging thing I simply forgot to see if anyone had posted a comment. Please give me a call and I will be happy to show you around.

  • Gertina van der Merwe on

    Wow, Margaret, this is beautiful, wish I had the guts to just opt out and do something that I love.
    do you allow visitors to see how you work?

  • Megan on

    Lovely post. The frog tableware and ornaments lend the lush garden setting a touch of whimsy. Flowers by Iluba are just the right touch for accents!

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