Have you ever suddenly stopped in your tracks and thought to yourself “What on earth am I doing and where am I going?”

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Well that is exactly what happened to me today. I do not mind working long hours but there must always be a new insight and goal at the end of the creative process. If I am not constantly trying and learning new & interesting things then I may as well be a factory that mass produces. This blog post is going to be a bit of a ramble but will give you an insight into the creative Brand known as Ceramix.

Large Larry Standing Ceramic Glazed Rabbit by Ceramix

Recently a friend told me that I am like a Duracell Bunny constantly on the move. To say I am pedantic is an understatement. I like things to be as perfect as I can get them regularly putting an item back into the kiln two or even three times so that I can get the finish I require. This extends to everything I do. I never do anything without putting an effort into it. I cannot tolerate anything that is slapdash. If I am not happy with a product why would anyone want to purchase it?

Jimmy Crouching White Glazed Ceramic Easter Bunny by Ceramix

My journey into introducing colour began Last year. I was so happy with the green leaf platters (oh dear I have forgotten to have them photographed so I cannot put them on the site) and then made some little flower bowls in various colours (ditto). The whole thing is how do you sell these items online when they are a one of a kind item?  I have come to realize that it is quite simple you list the available quantity and when they are sold out they will no longer be available to order.

Three Pink Glazed Ceramic Easter Bunnies by Ceramix

I have so enjoyed creating the Easter Bunny range you can have a look at it Here where the high glaze firing temperature completely changed the colour of the glaze. Soft pastel shades became deep beautiful translucent colours. I like to hand paint the coloured glazes as then one can see the beautiful detail that is found in the ware.  Most of the detail is lost when dipping. Naturally brushing on the glaze is much more labour intensive but the result is ever so satisfying.  I am busy experimenting with my firing process with the coloured glazes so items will now appear in different tones once again in limited quantities. Naturally everything will be high fired for durability something that is a given when you purchase Ceramix ware.

Easter Bunny Range of Ceramic Ware by Ceramix

I have come a long way since I started Ceramix four years ago. One always goes into new ventures thinking that they understand the market and how everything works. Being a creative I always go against the market norm. The one thing that has not changed in my mind is that Ceramix is going to become the premium South African Ceramic Brand for a discerning clientele who are looking for a quality product that is made by hand  in limited quantities.

Sparkles Medium Glazed Ceramic Easter Bunny by Ceramix

When one sees how big factories work they produce vast quantities of a limited range of items with a limited colour palette. I do not like the repetition of doing the same thing over & over so only the items that are on the web site will be available for you to purchase.  I am not a factory and do not wish to churn out vast quantities of the same thing. I restock the website regularly so you will always be able to find something that you are looking for. If not you can contact me and I will do everything in my power to accommodate you. As all my items are made by hand this will not happen in a hurry.

Harold White Glazed Ceramic Easter Rabbit by Ceramix

Ceramix is my passion and obsession. I am looking forward to the journey with my wonderful clientele. Thank you so much for your encouragement and support. I would be interested to know what you think about my vision for the future of Ceramix.

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