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Beekeeper Jeanette Bradley at the Glen Fresh Market

A highlight of the Glen Fresh Market on a Saturday morning is the honey stall that belongs to Jeanette Bradley the local Beekeeper /Apiarist. Her Green Beetle is a sight to behold. It is filled with straw, flowers and of course loads of fresh honey.

Jeanette Bradley honey stall at the Glen Fresh Market in Glen Austin Midrand

You will be enthralled with Jeanette as she has so many ideas and is passionate about honey.

Letter from Jeanette Bradley Beekeeper & honey distributor at the Glen Fresh Market held every Saturday @118ALLAN from 8 to 12.30

Dear Readers

It’s not a bug … it’s a beetle.  What’s this to do with bees and honey?  You ask. All my life I have been an ardent fan of beetle cars having owned 7 and now possess only one working beetle, my posh car and a stripped beetle body portraying a bee, nogal with wings, as my honey stall and logo.

Yes, beetles and especially honey bees have worked their spell on me and hopefully, you too!  It’s easy to fall in love with them, admire such hard work, and one is driven to probe their secrets. Thankfully we are helped by a dedicated inquisitive and patient clan of beekeepers. The honey bee habits are rich and varied, enough in themselves to provide constant entertainment for a lively curiosity and their honey… absolute perfection.

Also - just one of the most interesting features about honey from Apis scutellata, the African honey bee, is its variability. It can be clear and light in colour or as dark as molasses. And yet it remains pure honey, hard to better … the colour, flavour and aroma, depending on the kind of flower nectar gathered by the bees within our rich South African floral kingdom. My selection includes Autumn Flowers, Cosmos, Buffalo Thorn and several others.

Yes! The best raw honey in Gauteng, possibly in South Africa comes from our fierce African Killer Bees. 

At my bee..u.tiful beetle stall, every Saturday morning, @118 ALLAN Gallery & Coffee Shop in Glen Austin Midrand Gauteng you’ll find the magic of the best choice, Raw Untamed Africa Honey.

You’re my honey!


Jeanette Bradley from Untamed Africa Honey at the Glen Fresh Market in Glen Austin Midrand every Saturday

 Untamed Africa Raw Honey available at the Glen Fresh Market @118ALLAN

 Raw Honey bottled by Untamed Africa sold at the Glen Fresh Market held @118ALLAN every Saturday from 8 to 12.30

Untamed Africa Raw Honey from Killer Bees available at the Glen Fresh Market every Saturday from 8 to 12.30

The Glen Fresh Market is the place to be on a Saturday morning for all your fresh produce and freshly prepared homemade food. For a delectable breakfast and cup of coffee visit the @118ALLAN Coffee shop. During your visit you can even purchase a gift for a friend or yourself from the Ceramix Gallery.

We look forward to seeing you on Saturday.

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    Margaret thank you so much for going to so much trouble.

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