Serve the most delicious Cucumber Sandwiches in 5 ways

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What do you think of when you see cucumber sandwiches? I always think of what it would be like to take tea with the Queen of England or to be part of the aristocracy having High Tea.  Delusions of grandeur! Cucumber Sandwiches are very British and such a quintessential part of the British way of life. Find the recipes on how to make cucumber sandwiches below.

Cucumber Sandwiches served in 4 different ways on Ceramix ware.

You are probably wondering what a ceramic blog is doing providing recipes? Well this blog is about to change in many directions.  @118 Allan Ceramix now displays its wares in a beautiful Gallery. There is a @118Allan Coffee Shop which is open Monday to Saturday 8.00 to 16.00 and the Glen Fresh Market every Saturday from 8.00 to 12.30.

It has been 2 years since I started this Blog. I have found it very difficult to find a meaningful direction for it. Suddenly I have been given a new lease on life with so many ideas.

As there is a Coffee Shop it makes sense for Louise to bake or cook and then photograph Ceramix ware in use. She has even agreed to share her secret recipes with us. Thank goodness for Louis Hugo Allen and her amazing photographic skills. Everything has fallen into place so beautifully.

The community of Glen Austin is a close knit one and our feeling of wellbeing has been greatly enriched by the fact that we get to meet every Saturday. This has me thinking of how wonderful it will be for members of the market to tell us about their hopes and dreams. It is always so inspiring to hear positive stories from the people around us. May you be inspired!

Today we start with Vivian who is an artist and musician.

Vivian the artist and musician

Inspirational Letter from Vivian

Dear Readers

The whole thing began when I approached Louise & Margaret about exhibiting my paintings in their gallery. In the process I asked if I could come in on Saturday mornings to play my clarinet & try to conquer my performance anxiety (Stage Fright).  

They agreed to exhibit my art & I began making my appearance to play. Both efforts are proving to be a great success. My art is selling & my stage fright is nearly gone.

As an additional bonus I have met many creative interesting people.

I am hoping there will be other experienced musicians (especially woodwinds) joining me to spend a little time sharing their musical gifts just for the joy of it.

So if you read music and play an instrument, please come in and have a chat.

I am looking forward to seeing you @118 Allan.

Best Wishes


Horse painting by Vivian

Horse painting by Vivian

Now isn’t this a feel good story? Vivian is going to be 80 next month and she is starting her lifelong dream of establishing her own ensemble. She also sells her paintings and pebbles with inspirational quotes on them @118 Allan.

1- Traditional English Cucumber Sandwiches

Cucumber Sandwiches served on Butterfly Ceramix Ware. Ceramic handmade at a pottery in South Africa.

Traditional English Cucumber Sandwiches served in Ceramix Bird Heart Bowls. Handmade ceramics from a Pottery in South Africa.

English Cucumber Sandwiches Served on a Ceramix Dove Plate. Handmade South African Ceramics.2- Traditional Open Cucumber Sandwiches

Open Cucumber Sandwiches on Dove Plates by Ceramix. Handmade ceramics from a pottery in South Africa.

 3- Square Cucumber Sandwiches with Cream Cheese.

Square Cucumber Sandwiches with Cream Cheese served on Round Dove Plates. Ceramics handmade at a Pottery in South Africa.4- Open Square Cucumber Sandwiches with Cream Cheese.

Open Square Cucumber Sandwiches with Cream Cheese served on Dove Plates by Ceramix. Handmade ceramics at a pottery in South Africa.

5- Rectangular open Cucumber Sandwiches with Cream Cheese, Parsley & Chives.

Open Rectangular Cucumber Sandwich with Cream Cheese served on a Ceramix Bird Plate. Handmade South African ceramics

Cucumber Sandwiches Recipe


1 or 2 English Cucumbers

10 Slices White Bread

Salted or Unsalted Butter


White or Black Pepper

 Additional Ingredients

+- 230g Tub Cream Cheese

Fresh Parsley

Fresh Chives



Potato Peeler

Sharp Knife

Bread Board

Plates to serve on

Take your potato peeler and slice a cucumber along its length so that you have long thin strips. Finely slice the second cucumber with a knife or in your food processor into rounds. There is enough cucumber here for many more sandwiches, you can even just use one cucumber & slice half into long thin strips and the other half into half rounds.

Some people like to dip their cucumber into vinegar or lemon juice before making their sandwiches. I don't as it makes the cucumber too tart for my taste. Others remove the seeds to stop the sandwiches from getting soggy. I like to keep the skins on as it adds colour and makes the sandwiches more substantial. Some prefer unsalted butter & others will only use white pepper. Some even salt their cucumber slices & leave them to stand for 20 minutes & then wipe any liquid off before putting the slices onto the bread. It appears that adding cream cheese into the mix is the American way of doing things. A plain cucumber sandwich is the closest thing to heaven as far as I am concerned. There is a great deal of information on the internet about the making of cucumber sandwiches. This is how I make them.

Cut 10 thin slices of fresh white bread or use traditional pre sliced bread.

Butter your 10 slices of bread with a good thick layer of butter as this will help to stop the sandwiches from becoming soggy after you have added your cucumber.


  1. Take 2 slices of buttered bread. Add a layer of cucumber slices to a slice of bread being certain that your rounds overlap. Add salt and pepper to taste. Place your second slice of bread on top buttered side down. Hold the sandwich gently so as not to squeeze the life out of it and cut the crusts off. Cut from corner to corner twice and you now have 4 perfect little triangle cucumber sandwiches.
  2. Take 2 slices of buttered white bread and cut your crusts off. Cut your slices of bread in half and then add 2 or 3 long slices of cucumber to each half. Add salt and pepper to taste. You now have 4 open rectangular sandwiches.
  3. Take a few sprigs of parsley and chives and chop them up very finely. Add this to your tub of cream cheese. Take 2 slices of your buttered bread and spread your cream cheese mix on both. Add your cucumber long slices to one slice of bread. Add salt and pepper to taste then place the second slice on top of it. Cut off the bread crusts and then cut your bread in half and then half again. You now have 4 little square sandwiches
  4. Spread your cream cheese mix onto 2 slices of bread. Place your cucumber rounds on both slices being certain to overlap them. This is an open sandwich so add a couple of extra slices of cucumber. Add salt and pepper to taste. Cut off your crusts and then cut your bread in half and then half again. You now have 4 square open sandwiches. 
  5. Take 2 slices of buttered white bread and spread them with your cream cheese mix. Now cut your crusts off. Cut your slices of bread in half and then lay a single long slice of cucumber on its side so it does not lie flat to each half. Add salt and pepper to taste. You now have 4 open rectangular cream cheese and cucumber sandwiches.

Now comes the most enjoyable part. Slice your lettuce up very finely and add it to your plates. Place your sandwiches on your plates and add a few sprigs of parsley which have not been cut up & a little chopped up chives to add a bit of colour and interest. You can now host a High Tea or serve the Queen.

Cucumbers originated in India over 3000 years ago. They were brought to Britain in the 14th Century but were only put into sandwiches in the Victorian Era. As they are low in nutritional value being 96% water they were reserved for the upper classes as a pre-dinner snack. It was only in the Edwardian era that cucumbers became readily available in Britain.  Cheap labour and coal meant that they could be grown all year round in glass houses.  I found so much fascinating information on the internet about the simple cucumber. Please follow these links for more information.


The Guardian


I love cucumber sandwiches do you? How do you serve your cucumber sandwiches? Please let me know.


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