Yarn bowls and Carlien McPhee crochet characters. September 10, 2018 18:44 2 Comments

Morris the Fearsome Dragon Blue Large Round Ceramic Yarn Bowl handmade at the Ceramix Pottery in South Africa by Margaret Melville Hugo

Carlien McPhee is a creative with many talents. Her day job is Business Analysis for Business Intelligence and Integrations and many other computer applications. She loves working with numbers in creative ways. Needless to say she is extremely intelligent. When she is not at work Carlien makes things. She does lots and lots of different crafts. I had the pleasure of being invited into her studio one day and it is like entering Geppetto's workshop. There are all manner of tools, paints and many projects that are in varying stages of completion.  She also has the most magnificent garden which has many beautiful plants and peeping beneath them one will usually find one of her handmade creations.

One of Carlien's many talents is crochet. She loves to make toys for the people who surround her who she feels need cheering up. She does not sell her toys as she makes them for fun. They are meticulously detailed even down to the last little freckles. Their limbs are usually wired which makes them fully poseable. Every little character toy she makes has a story. Watch this YouTube Video with Angus and Morris Building a Castle. It is too adorable for words. I have included Carlien's little stories of her characters with each photograph so be sure to read them. I find these stories so touching in their simplicity. No detailed explanations are given everything is just as it is.

I am so grateful that Carlien has been kind enough to lend me her personal collection of characters which will be featuring in her future YouTube videos. What a lot of fun Louise Hugo Allen the amazing Ceramix photographer and I have had selecting which yarn bowl goes with which character. It seems apt that each yarn bowl is given the name of the character it is photographed with as they suited each other so well.

Carlien McPhee has a Ceramix yarn bowl which she uses while she crochets her whimsical characters which bring magic into so many people's lives. Do you have one?

Yarn bowls are created for the knitter and crocheter to make their job easier. To see how to use them read here.

To purchase one of the yarn bowls in this post visit the Ceramix website.

We would love to see the knitting and crochet projects you make when you use your yarn bowl so please post an image on Facebook.

Pippi Langkous is a bright mischievous little girl with freckles. She is so happy with her multi coloured socks.

Pippi Langkous Blue Bird Yarn Bowl handmade at the Ceramix Pottery in South Africa by Margaret Melville Hugo

Orphan Bob is a farm boy who is desperately looking for a family and a home to live in.

Orphan Bob soft toy and Yarn bowl handmade in South Africa

Fred Frog is named after the music group Right Said Fred "I'm too sexy for my shirt!" which is why he has spots on his back.

Fred Frog soft toy and yarn bowl handmade in South Africa

Sammy Snake is a magician who has not eaten his rabbit in his hat yet! This is a great accomplishment. 

Sammy Snake soft toy & yarn bowl handmade in South Africa

Rabbit in the Hat is Sammy Snakes rabbit who is always on his guard just in case Sammy decides to eat him.

Rabbit in the Hat soft toy and yarn bowl

Bony Pony does tap dancing in the moonlight with long legs not pina coladas. 

Bony Pony soft toy and yarn bowl

Angus the Scottish Knight has orange hair. He is the brains behind everything that goes on with the toys. The purple tassels in his helmet are his clan colours. 

Angus the Scottish Knight soft toy and yarn bowl

Morris the Fearsome Dragon belongs to Angus. Morris is not the brainiest and is afraid of mice. He tries to fit through small holes that he cannot fit through. He will follow Angus to the end of the world.

Morris the Fearsome Dragon soft toy and yarn bowl

Lucy Mouse was found in the hole in the wall. Angus and Morris thought she was a monster. They made masks so that they could all be friends. They got over their fear and are not afraid of each other any more.

Lucy Mouse soft toy and yarn bowl

Cluck Chicken comes out at Easter as she likes painting Easter Eggs. White or brown eggs are so not her class they must be colourful.

Cluck Chicken soft toy by Carlien McPhee and yarn Bowl by Ceramix

Wizzy Owl is the wise owl. "Is that the right thing to do?"

Wizzy Owl soft toy by Carlien McPhee yarn bowl by Ceramix

Priscilla Queen of the Coral has just arrived. She is a new addition. She likes to swim and her hair has crochet waves in it.

Priscilla Queen of the Coral crochet soft toy by Carlien McPhee yarn bowl by Ceramix