Flight 76cm x 76cm Oil on Canvas by Lorena Ruffini available from Ceramix.co.za @118Allan


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Flight 76cm x 76cm Original Oil on Canvas by Lorena Ruffini.

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Should you wish to view this magnificent painting please visit the Gallery@118Allan in Glen Austin Midrand.

Loréna Ruffini: Born in Zimbabwe in1962, I am primarily a self-taught artist who works mainly in oils and acrylics. My main focus is to touch many people’s lives with energetic, uplifting paintings.



“I draw inspiration from the vibrant colours I see around me – colour for me is like breathing in fresh air and I want to share that in my paintings”



I have taken part in a number of exhibitions over the years with the Brush and Chisel Group, Paint and Palette Group, and the Marist Brothers College Exhibition, Rosebank Art Precinct, I won the Paint and Palette Competition in February 2016 with my colourful pet portrait entitled ‘High Energy’.



I have sold many paintings locally as well as in Italy, Germany, Netherlands, UK and the United States




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