Large White Iguana Vase Handmade by Ceramix
Large Iguana Vase in Terracotta Clay glazed White by Ceramix
White Ceramic Iguana Large Vase in Terracotta Clay Glazed White by Ceramix

Ceramic Iguana Vase

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Do you want to get noticed? This ceramic Iguana Vase will create the ultimate statement. Place this vase in your foyer and every one of your "well to do" guests will demand to know where you got it from.  You could tell them it came from a little gallery they have probably never heard of, and that it is made by friendly South Africans who design amazing and incredible ceramic things. Or you could just tell them you have amnesia and cannot remember. We hope you like compliments.

Your Iguana Vase is crafted by skilled artisans in South Africa from high fired Terracotta clay which peeps through the sheer white glaze.

Free Shipping with a No Risk Guarantee in South Africa.

33cm High. 

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