Yarn Bowl Collection

What is a Yarn Bowl?  Why you need one if you knit or crochet? A yarn bowl holds your wool and thread preventing them from getting all tangled up while you are working. Feed your wool through the swirl cut out in the front of the bowl, allowing it to roll while you work without it tangling or running across the floor. The large bowls hold an oversized ball of wool perfectly. The small yarn bowls are used for smaller projects. Each Yarn Bowl has the central swoop which enables you to easily remove your work without cutting the thread. There are also 2 side holes to store your knitting needles or for 2 more balls of wool. If you use these for wool the item you are making cannot be removed without cutting the thread the same thing applies to the hole in the center of the back. Up to 4 balls of wool can be used in one Yarn Bowl.

Your One of a kind Ceramic Yarn Bowl is cast in a mold and sometimes little additions such as birds and cats are attached. Each one is handmade by Margaret Melville Hugo at Ceramix. The emphasis for this collection is on the use of different glaze combinations and additions. Various speciality glazes are layered one on top of another so that every item is an original and cannot be duplicated. If you are looking for something special Contact Us and we will make one up especially for you. 

For me the joy is in the process of making and experimenting with the glazes. This is where I get to have fun an essential part in every creatives life. This one of a kind Yarn Bowl Collection is only available from this online shop or directly from the Ceramix Gallery @118ALLAN. Please sign up for the Ceramix Newsletter and you will be notified before anyone else when new items are added to the site. Wholesale enquiries for 10 or more yarn bowls are welcome. Contact Us with your requirements and we will make up an order especially for you.

One of a Kind Yarn Bowls handmade at the Ceramix Pottery in South Africa by Margaret Melville Hugo