Elephant and Calf glazed with Speckle Black by Ceramix
Ceramic Elephant and Calf handmade from Terracotta clay and glazed white
Elephant and Calf 25cm High Terracotta clay Glazed Crackle Bronze by Ceramix

Ceramic Elephant and Calf

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A truly South African scene where a mother nurtures her little one.

Your ceramic Nurturing Elephant is made in South Africa by people you will like. A majestic item such as this, demands attention to detail and we felt like we were up to the task. Whether you are looking for a striking décor item or something simple the Elephants will stand out. They are crafted from high fired terracotta clay and glazed White, Crackle Bronze, Crackle Silver & Speckle Black. Should you want a elephant and calf in a different colour contact us and we will make it especially for you

Free Shipping with a No Risk Guarantee in South Africa.

25cm High.

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