White Ceramic Iguana Deep Bowl in Terracotta Clay Glazed White by Ceramix
Deep, round & Serving White Iguana Bowls. Handmade by Ceramix in South Africa from Local African Terracotta Clay & White Glaze.

Ceramic Iguana Deep Bowl

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Your Iguana Bowl is exactly what you think it is... classic classicness™. We know you are the real thing and not a well dressed, dapper, dandy gentlemen in tweed and herringbone attire. This bowl is Handmade by friendly South Africans and will be noticed by everyone.

Your Ceramix Iguana Bowl is a perfect addition to any table for serving delectable food or as a décor accent. It is crafted by people you would like from Terracotta clay which is covered with a sheer white glaze. It is high fired so it is durable and easy to clean.

Ceramix items are lead Free, Food Safe, dishwasher and microwave safe.

No two items are ever exactly the same as all our creations are crafted by hand.

Free Shipping with a No Risk Guarantee in South Africa.

19cm Wide 23cm High.

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