White Ceramic Kewpie Small Oval Box in Terracotta Clay Glazed White by Ceramix

Ceramic Kewpie Small Oval Box

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"Here's a box full of love and good wishes". - Rose O'Neill.

The ceramic Kewpie Boxes are a little ”whimsy” with a new edge. They are crafted from Terracotta clay which is covered by a sheer white glaze. There is no glaze on the top of the box to ensure a lid that fits properly and for dramatic impact. The juxtaposition between the smooth texture of the glaze and rough texture of the clay is stunning. This box features a sleeping Kewpie lying on an oval box. No two items are ever exactly the same as all our creations are crafted by hand. It is high fired, durable and easy to clean.

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18cm Wide.

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