White Ceramic Stegosaurus in Terracotta Clay Glazed White by Ceramix

Ceramic Stegosaurus

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Which dinosaur cannot go out in the rain?


We might joke about this prehistoric animal but  it is a perfect item for a little boy's bedroom or a big boy's bar, study or office. 

This Stegosaurus is crafted by skilled artisans in South Africa from high fired Terracotta clay which peeps through the sheer white glaze.

With regards to shipping each dinosaur is tied to the base of the box then wrapped and packed in two double walled boxes to ensure a safe journey. Should it arrive damaged it will be replaced with no additional charge with another Stegosaurus. 

All International Sales are considered final once the goods leave our premises.

Free Shipping with a No Risk Guarantee in South Africa. 

25cm Long. 


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