Zombie Skull Head

R 290.00

Your Zombie Skull Head is high fired unglazed ceramic that you can put into your braai, bonfire or fireplace. 

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They are called Zombie Skull Heads and not just skulls because a Zombie Skull Head is a fictional human skull. Zombies conjure up images of corpses who come back to life, the undead, and even worse, scary human-flesh eating monsters.  They will spice up your Halloween or any event as they are a great fun conversation topic.

To avoid thermal shock it is best to place your Skull Head in the fire before it is started and to remove it when the fire has completely cooled down. Do not worry the head will not explode in the fire as the holes allow air to pass through the cavities freely. After rigorous testing we are confident that your Zombie Skull Head will survive many braais as long as the correct care is taken.

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20L x 14H x 13cm W